The City of Morrison is a general-purpose unit of local government providing various traditional municipal services to the community’s 4,188 residents.

Morrison operates under the Mayor/Council form of government with an appointed City Administrator. The Mayor and City Clerk are elected to four (4) year concurrent terms of office; council members are elected to four (4) year staggered terms of office. The City Treasurer is appointed.

Organizational Structure

The Mayor, Council, and City Administrator represent the primary legislative and administrative level of city government, the Mayor being the Chief Executive Officer and the City Administrator being the Chief Administrative Officer.

Municipal services embrace nine (9) functional areas, including: Legislative, Administration, Police, Streets/Alleys, Parks/Forestry, Water/Sewer, Cemetery, and Recreation.  In addition to referenced direct services, fire protection is provided on a contractual basis through the Morrison Fire Protection District.

Approximately 20 full-time employees are in the classified service of the City, additional part-time employees are hired on a seasonal basis.

Numerous advisory boards and commissions comprise the municipal administrative organization.


Revenues are generated from a variety of traditional sources, including, but not limited to, Property Tax, Sales Tax, State Income Tax, Corporate Replacement Tax, Motor Fuel Tax, and User Fees.

Location of Offices

Administrative offices and the Police Department are housed at the Morrison Municipal Building, 200 West Main Street. Public Services Offices are located at 103 Andy Brands Drive. Water/Sewer and Street Departments share a common complex located at 500 West Winfield Street.  Water and Sewer Treatment facilities are located near the complex.

Record Keeping And Access

The City of Morrison maintains current records of the following types: finance, Zoning Board minutes, Council minutes, ordinances, resolutions, bid documents, general correspondence, administrative reports/memoranda, building permits, revenue receipts, audits, personnel code, personnel files, officials’ bonds, police records, birth and death certificates, cemetery and burial records, insurance records, payroll records, water/sewer customer records, subdivision plats, and related departmental records necessary to the operations of the City.

All of the cited records are housed at the Municipal Building and can be inspected on the premises. Access to said records can be obtained either by oral or written request of the City Clerk. Written requests should be addressed to the City Clerk. 200 West Main Street, Morrison, Illinois 61270, and shall specify in particular the records requested for disclosure and/or copy. Should certified copies be required, you must so indicate in your request and specify which records are to be certified.  Fees for any records requested, if copies are provided, are: $.50 per page.

Copies of birth/death certificates (for births or deaths occurring in Whiteside County) may be obtained at the Whiteside County Clerk’s office.  Their phone number is 815-772-5189.